Welcome to the Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Vasco’s website.

A website that will take you through our delightful students and programs and give you a feel of the vibrancy and strength of the traditions of a model Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Our Vidyalaya stands tall with a host of awards for academic excellence and a vibrant co-curricular atmosphere. Academic excellence achieved by a school is evinced by the board results and it has earned the reputation of strengthening its academic results year after year. It provides the students ample opportunities to fulfill their academic, cultural, sports and social potential. Talents in music, arts, dance, histrionics, sports is honed through competitions and programmes.

In our Vidyalaya, we not only acuminate the academic skills, we fine tune the aesthetic senses and work towards building a holistic culture that values the individuality of each pupil, helping them realize their innate potential. Children are encouraged to explore and revel in the joy of learning. We facilitate the building of a passion for learning – for this alone ensures continuous cognitive growth.